Maceo Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Following his nationally recognized nonprofit and political outreach, and directing Plant's Dow Solar project, Maceo founded Embark in 2014.

With Embark he coordinates with the nation’s largest manufacturers, lenders, and installers to produce the fit perfect for each home and each homeowners' needs.

Brooklyn-based, Maceo enjoys black coffee, chucking hay in 100° heat on Massachusetts farms and digging staff cars out of snow.

Anwar Tripp        Outreach Director           As Outreach Director, with over 10 years of experience driving market share growth in designated territories, Anwar has mastered the ins and out of renewable energy sales and territorial prospecting.  After honing and executing these specialties to reach numerous company goals, Embark was lucky to get him on board. Now he spends the majority of his time brainstorming sales strategies and connecting with other industry professionals just to talk shop.  In his down time you'll find him with his family enjoying every precious moment available.


Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Her decade of Sungevity, Clean Water Action and Citizens Campaign for the Environment program management help Nora drive market growth with expert skill.

Most importantly Nora sets the tone for Embark’s outreach team, ensuring customers receive expert advice with a friendly smile.

Her dedication to our team makes prying Nora away from solar solutions challenging. When there’s time she looks after her pets and is Brooklyn's lead David Bowie expert.


Thomas Nash

Senior Vice President, Data & Analytics

Thomas added his technical prowess designing proprietary business management platforms to the team in 2015.

Embark's time-sensitive customer relationship data and task handoffs are protected by Thomas' systems, lowering cost to customers and further distinguishing Embark from the competition.

Not just the type guy who walks five miles in the dark with a flashlight to search for the ring his wife lost, Thomas is the type of guy who finds it.


DAN Long

Senior Advisor

Dan's work with Plant, Lumination, and OneRoof place him at the forefront of execution for renewables strategy.

Beginning with the home improvement industry, Dan’s in-market lead generation skill speaks volumes; however, his out-market acquisition abilities deliver solar, small wind, energy efficiency and storage to Embark customers required expert-level counsel.

Dan jams on energy policy, plays mean air guitar and delivers girl scout cookies.


Trent Lawrence

Community Outreach Manager

After spending five years between public service and political work, Trent has the experience and drive to manage and oversee Embark’s formidable outreach teams as they provide quality service to our customers.

Trent is no stranger to field operations, having lead small and independent teams of both trained volunteers and servicemen and women across the United States.

When he isn’t ensuring Embark’s success in the field, Trent spends his time re-watching Scorsese films and playing Boggle.